Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ulterior - Wild In Wildlife (2011)

Wild In Wildlife
Speed Records 

Ulterior is a one of a kind band; they are free when creating their music and they are not restricted to a single scene, or a single music category. They have attitude and talent, and both things feel very natural in them. In their early releases; the band came with some electro-industrialized version of Post Punk with loud rocking guitars. They refused to be categorized, and their musical style is unique, and you will have a hard time trying to found their influences. Somehow the Gothic Rock fans embraced to this band, because of their refreshing Post Punk sound; and the seductive and well constructed songs of this record. Simply; I don’t get the picture when someone compares them with some of the most traditional Gothic Rock bands. In my opinion their sound is closer to “Down on me” by The Jesus and Mary Chain; combined with “Chinese Black” by the Neon Judgment, at the same time they have the high-bit rate rhythms of Gothic and Post punk bands of today. 

Those fine Post Punk bands that I mentioned before; and the Dark 80’s sound are liked and appreciated by Goths, so the connection of the sound of Ulterior with the Gothic audience is more logical when thinking about this kind of influences in their music. And I’m talking specifically of this album. Te opening track “Sex war, sex cars, sex” is simplistic but powerful, it is guitar driven and it rocks so loud, and this is just the beginning. ”Catherine” is a sublime track with charming melody and passion.”Sister Speed” goes from 0 to 100km/hr in one second! Is a total loud guitar assault with fast rhythm, and is high voltage music. “Dream, dream” has seductive feeling; and it has hard rhythm, sensuality, and lots of style. 

Quite a ravishing song, this was the first song by Ulterior that I listened, and I get fascinated with their music. “Big city, black rain” is a mid tempo track which is a sonic delight; great melodic song with an acoustic touch, this is the pleasure of listening to the really good music. “Too in love to fuck” is a well constructed song, mid tempo track with overwhelming rhythm; and melancholic feel. “The emptiness we share”, is a 220 volt discharge with great riffs in the chorus and crushing rhythm. This song will make you feel bigger than life. “Tarantula” is more adrenaline to your system and it’s a crushing tune. “Wild in wildlife” is quite introspective, slow and dark. “Shallow brown” is pure atmosphere. Quite remarkable album, this one made of Ulterior one of the most acclaimed new bands in the underground scene. And what a revelation they are. “Wild in wildlife” is one of the best records from 2011.

Daniel Olvera