Saturday, November 24, 2012

Silent Scream - Public Execution (2012)

Silent Scream
Public Execution
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Silent Scream is a band that has its own weight, a heavyweight band in the third wave. Their second strike "Public Execution" will be released in September, i have already had a copy and can tell you this album is a blast. The sound is brilliant, brutal, organic, a punch on your face. The songs are killer cuts, old school like the old "rotten days" back in the early 80´s. The atmosphere is so oxidated, incandescent and fucking hypnotic and they go directly to the spine. Transgressor from the beginning to the end. The bitter side of the band is this second nail. If you want a real "old school" record, you can´t miss "Public Execution", definitely one the records of the year. You´ll be surprised with Silent Scream new sound. This is pure adrenaline.

Oskar Terramortis


The first thing that strikes you with Finnish band Silent Scream’s “Public Execution” album is beyond a doubt its sleeve. When looking at it, you’re spying, hidden behind the trees, peeping at something you’re certainly not allowed to see. The suggestion of what’s about to happen is the first of the many punches you’ll take in when listening to the album. You will be given no mercy, it will take you to the depths of despair and anger. It’s old-school post-punk, the darkest. It’s raw, it’s brutal, the atmosphere is perfectly set by effects on drums, moaning guitars, bass lines and a voice that will scare and manipulate you. “Public Execution” title track and album start with a cold-blooded, deadly tribal drum line, and you instantly realize you’re in for some seriously disturbing music. Singer Antti Lautala orders you to “lift your head out and look at (him)” and you’re feeling like you’re about to be executed by firing squad. Squeaking saturated guitar adds up to the nerve-racking feel. We’re not far from agony already, and it’s only just started. Second track of this release is “Rotten days”. It has a powerful dirty punk guitar riff. The voice is aggressive, possessed-like. You’re in the middle of the combat and there seems to be no escape…

“Last living witness” follows the same direction, with a dark old-school taste, it sounds like early Killing Joke. Next song is “Spirit Invocation”, and it’s a small breather, as it’s probably the most easy-listened track of the record. You can hear some influence by Lords of the New Church, especially  in the chorus. Don’t relax too much however, as the depressed “Nine black sunrises” may take you by surprise and leave you wandering in its hypnotic and scary atmosphere. “Haunted” is another piece of mesmerizing classic post-punk. Crows cawing in the background… To my point of view, one of the most remarkable tracks on this remarkable album.  From this point on, the agony will only go crescendo until the end of the disc. The sound will go rawer, guitars dirtier, voice angrier, and drums more and more brutal with each track. With “Skull-Face Child” we return to the tribal energy of the first tracks. It’s amazingly intense and yet another punch in the listener’s face. Following track is called “New European Son”. If you have liked it so far, then you’ll enjoy this brilliant track too. And if you’re still standing there asking for more, no doubt the last three songs on this album will definitely kick you down. “Dying Dreams” and “Revenant” are mean, spine-chilling wonders. The band puts an end to your agony with the merciless “Meat”. “We will tear the meat off your bones” chorus screams. What else to say? Execution’s over.

Guillaume Renard